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Stories of the Reservation 

Stories about life on the Pine Ridge reservation often focus on the struggles the communities face. These struggles are reinforced in the statistics that are published in the news or media. In the past ten years, several pieces illustrate what life on the Lakota reservation can be like, and the video clips or articles may give you a better sense of the narratives that have been captured. However, emerging stories of hope also rise to the surface which speak to the resilience and dedication of the Lakota to emerge as leaders in their communities. There are no absolutes to describe Pine Ridge as a whole. While the struggles are indeed a daily part of life, the work of the people is to describe that which cannot be illustrated with just a picture behind a lens. They are so much more than the struggle. They are the Lakota: Rich in tradition and strong in their survival. To learn more about the Lakota traditions, history, culture, and current press, please visit the following educational links.


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Pine Ridge is a beautiful landscape coupled with challenges that have tested the resilience of the Lakota for centuries. To learn more about Pine Ridge and the Lakota Nation, please visit the EDUCATION page.


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